Bell’Antonio, (so always called him before his companions, then gradually all in the family) had found himself suddenly awake but conscious of continuing to sleep. The tunnel he had come, and suspended almost endless, narrowed the perspective and the background light was becoming more ‘dazzling.

He could not remember when there was entered, how and why; but he hoped intrigued to get to the end and rest the anxiety he felt to shake her chest. Was he dead? He had often heard of this feeling that grabs the first steps in the new life in the hereafter that anyone can never fully tell his return.

And he did not think could happen to him, certainly not young, but still in force. Or so he thought, perhaps to be brave when to stretch is the life already lived and end in sight. That there would be immersed in that light? What and who would come to meet? In which scenario would have to act or live? And how long before they repossess the vital dimension of his room, his beloved ceramic collections survived the neglect of his family (he had refused to sell them even in times of poverty almost) of his beloved pots and pans and ladles where time and use had given a heated copper color, almost marc by now exhausted and placed in the sun to dry up? Pleased with amazement looked back to his youth. Nothing had been foreclosed since the father had violated his innocence and became man.

At the smug satisfaction of eros echoed the pride that his father also manifested in the continual allusions to the onlookers and the programs and services on a weekly basis to repeat, why not set them two men-father and son-even if you do not already large peers. The discovery of the pleasures subtle and prolonged that only experienced women could assure him conditional, then, for a lifetime.

It was his daily task, like a job or a profession often shared with his father and he found himself in his early thirties, with his father recently died, to manage the fortune left him with so proud and hopeful sexual fatherly pride. It was, however, also the beginning of his downfall.

For second thirty years old had found, with great experience, so many memories and emotions, so many smiles, more or less malicious, interested and loads of understanding, but looking in the mirror was also withered his skin as well as his enthusiasm and his heritage. He had remained free from aggression credit, only the palace, old and dusty, but still full of prestige and faded murals in times lineate by time and by some jerk of the volcano.

Then he had an idea: that huge house, which has become too big (big but it had always been, actually) could use it as a alcove of love for others. And with word of mouth kind of attack had been seen by so many requests for little women, some of whom had ascendant her old lovers now out of operation and with the signs of the time they had made ​​havoc of the pallor of an exciting time.